Ecignature Loyalty Point Has Just Got Better!

Our Priority Points loyalty Rewards programme has now changed to the Cignature Reward Points (CRP). This will now give you more ways to earn points even without spending money with us. We have listened to you as we always do and now you can earn reward points not only each time you make a purchase or when you review any of your purchases will you earn points. You can earn points when you refer friends or family, using social media to share our products you like with friend too.

You earn:

  • 1 (CRP) for every£1 when you purchase
  • 30 (CRP) for every Review
  • 20 (CRP) for social Sharing
  • 50 (CRP) when friends you Recommend Sign up + you Earn the same points they do each time they purchase for 6 months.


You will always find your collection of points in My Account or even when you are in your basket. We hope you continue to enjoy spending them.

For more Information please go to Cignature Rewards Points